A Strange Party: Hennessy Artistry Malaysia 2010

Hennessy Artistry HALO Malaysia 2010

Hennessy Artistry.... what a strange event.

This November's issue of JUICE Magazine has photos of me and a few friends inside it at the middle section about Hennessy Artistry at Mist Club (where I first met 'her')

Rewinding back to earlier this year.

Coincidentally, I already met the artiste line up Da Zui Ba (Da Mouth) and Mizz Nina just a few months back.

It was also because of Hennessy Artistry I was able to meet my current girlfriend O_O

(Details at the middle of the post)

Back in the 27th of February 2010 the Da Mouth X PUMA Create Your Style event (The Opera, at Sunway Pyramid) was done by my beloved PRs, Farrell Tan and Craig Selby from Orchan Consulting Asia.

On that afternoon earlier we met with the band along with the media.
Handshakes were exchanged and we had a nice chat about the food in Taiwan. Later they gave me a copy of their album (for free).

A colourful bunch!

uhh...... anyway

Mizz Nina and Colby O' Donis also held an event earlier this 2010 at our club, Zouk Club KL on the 17th July 2010 for their live album launch.

I was given a goodie bag containing an album (again), and cheap quality Mizz Nina headphones (that could never possibly compete with my Pioneer HDJ-2000 Professional DJ Headphones, even in a million years.)

Not only did Hennessy Artistry bring the artistes back again to Malaysia, but more importantly this event brought me and a gorgeous girl (don't click) together, and we started seeing each other.

Again, details on the middle of post!

Fast-forwarding to the most recent Hennessy Artistry Halo on the 23rd of October 2010.

I walked upstairs. Not knowing why, I was whisked away to the celebrity's wall where 20 photographers were waiting with DSLRs snapped hundreds of photos of me.

At the celebrity wall.

Walking around the mixing section, I caught up with a very gorgeous lady.


Right after, I bumped into Sarah May Low for the first time!

I then bumped into Sheena Liam and Amanda Soo,
for the first time again?!
(photo by Amanda)

with Suphie Sim
(photo by Andy Kho)

From the left:
korean sis Ashley, Chammaine, Leonard, Jason, korean bro Josh Lim and Alicia.
(photo by Jason)

Knowing her since February, finally met Chammaine Tan,
for the first time?!

(photo by Nelson)

With Nelson Teon
(an excellent photographer)

Drinks up!
(photo by Nelson)

And they say, the rest

Was history.

Tell you how I met my girlfriend.

Back in September, it was when I went to Hennessy Artistry at Mist Club with one of my really great buddies whom I met at Johnnie Walker's Black Circuit Party VIP Party.

The one, and the only, the famous Jason Ong (who is also absolutely AMAZING at photography!).

Jason working the shades
(photo by Jason)

I told you he's an excellent photographer, he took all these photos!

Ma bro Jason also introduced me to my new korean sister, Ashley Ahn! (who shockingly, happens to be my neighbour living on the same street. what!?)

(photo by Jason)

I FINALLY met Michelle Lee after god knows how long.

With Michelle Lee again!
(photo by Jason)

Hours passed. Pictures were taken~

With buddies Josiah Mizukami and MC of the night, Justin Bratton
(photo by Jason)

Stephanie Lee, Jeniifer Foh, Chloe, Yen, Jane Kwan and I

VIP area was fun but getting boring.
Free-flow whiskey had ran out so I walked out to spend some time chilling around.

At the door was greeting me with a grin was the pretty Suphie Sim, in misery :(

While everyone else was partying inside, she was all alone while it was raining outside, loyal to her job. I pitied her and decided to keep her company!

Suddenly I felt a cold shudder and swore some eyes were watching me from behind my shoulder. I turned around and saw a group of Hennessy girls with that one girl in it.

Can you guess which lady started dating me? :)

Feeling a little chilly I told Suphie I must have imagined 'she' was watching me and went back into Mist Club. Little did I know Suphie talked to 'her' and we found each other on facebook! We clicked after a few dinners and movie night outs. We have been together since then.


I have a feeling the next Hennessy Artistry is going to alter my life once again..
one way or another.

TO BE CONTINUED... The Passion for Fashion Event

~Sam Insanity


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