Top 10 parties of 2010 (according to me)

If there's two things you'd know about me by now it's me going to exclusive parties day and night as well as slowly if never updating my blog because of all the partying.

These days you could easily transform from a nerdy geek into a model so-called model. Take me for example back in January 2010, that kid who lost all directions in life with no hopes and dreams after education, solution?

Listen to mom.

Serious shit yo.

That unforgettable morning I was dressed like an ah pek (old uncle) ready to head home in mom’s car and out of the blue she nagged me to try out for Amber Chia’s (our country’s most famous supermodel, in Malaysia) Ford Models Supermodel of the World 2009 model search.

I found myself holding a plastic bag of groceries whilst scratching my bum in front of KL’s key industry fashion elites, Amber Chia, Benjamin Tong, Kee Hua Chee, Mama G and Azrul Kevin Abdullah wearing shorts exposing my sexy bushy legs and slippers with me cute little toes sticking out.

"Wazzappppp Amberaaah"

Fast forward skipping the preliminary rounds I suddenly found myself placing as the top 10 male models in the country which was seriously what the fuck, and ever since then it’s been nonstop partying every single week with Kuala Lumpur’s most beautiful crowd.

Nice ass, I must say.

By Chrismas Eve 2010 I had 18 invites via facebook and 3 by phone text messages.. did I say 18 invites?

With such elite partying qualifications under my belt, I hereby judge

The top 10 parties in 2010. Let the parties be reviewed!

No.10 Model’s night at Muse

This was earlier in March 2010 when my hair was still blonde.

"Hai sexeh"

Model’s Night was organized by my brother from another mother, Josiah Mizukami right after Ford Models.

Elite supermodel and actor Josiah Mizukami and I

Picture drinks, airconds and music just failing on 400 models rubbing onto each other like some shoulder humping orgy all happening in a bar as tiny as my fucking bedroom like train stations of India.

Fuck youuuuuuu

So packed the ladies needed to climb up to the DJ for air

In other words it was way too successful to the point everybody and dog wanted in that tiny mouse hole cubicle of a bar.

After all the shoving elbowing and pushing for 2 hours, everyone left and I refreshed myself by grabbing some Russian pimp’s jug of orange juice pouring it all over my steamy face back to life.

Sweat baby sweat.

Rated 4.5/10 by me

Sweat tub much? Could have been awesome if a lot less models came.

no.9 GLAM Magazine

The gorgeous Cassandra Patrick asked me to accompany her at GLAM Magazine 2010’s party.

Download e-card in...jpg (857.8 KB)


Myself and
the stunning, the beautiful
Miss Malaysia Tourism,
Miss Universe Malaysia and
Ford Supermodel winner (whew)
Cassandra Patrick!

You're stunning as usual dear ;)

For the first time in KL and probably my life, I met some Malay girls who were actually pretty hot and stylish not wearing tudungs.

The guy to my left is Jimmy Lee,
a very famous fashion designer.

We're famous baby!

Jimmy, Cassandra, (myself) Sam and some random girl

Attention seekers squeezing in with us. We're riiiight at the middle

We absolutely didn’t know anyone there, so we left early. The only thing that made the night somewhat not a waste was the free Lancom’e perfumes I got for Kate.

With a few other magazines.

Much loves dear.

Rated 5/10 by me

Booring. Too many strangers. Let's crash a better party next time, Cassandra!

no.8 Hennessy Artistry at Mist Club & MINES Convention Centre

Refer here. for the full Hennessy review.

Rated 6/10 by me

Rated low because the previous was held in Mist Club (gross), drinks ran out (and they call it free flow) and the airconds failed on us, as usual (double gross). Also because I saw that drug sniffer pill-swallower slutty Yano and her pimp gigolo boyfriend pervert Botakz Wee. Those two can rot in hell.

At Mines Mizz Nina totally sucked ass. I was so bored to death I left a little early if not for my friends being there.

no.7 DKNY Belvedere Vodka

If there’s one thing stopping you from partying, it’s getting paid to be at a party.

DKNY hired me as a pilot, to just stand there.. wave to the patrons and take pictures. Right.

Sexy oui.

Pilots = girl's eye candy.

It was getting sooo boring.

Luckily the 2Ps of Party.. partylord Patricia and sister of madness Pauline saved the day. I got pulled by the tie to the dance floor cracking out the Cha-Cha moves, later having Belvedere vodka forced down my fucking throat.

Kids, study to be a pilot. Seriously.

Payment that night $300 + x1 Belvedere Vodka Bottle + raped by ladies in
front of DKNY’s boss and friends = Priceless.

Rated 6.5/10 by me

In yo face, boss.

no.6 Jane Kwan’s Birthday Madness

Tell you a secret, if you’re seriously looking for girls in a club, crash your fucking lady friend’s birthday party, especially if she’s a model.

Jane Kwan's birthday!

Never have I seen so many fucking hot girls together in the club until Jane’s birthday.

Never have I had to play the role of the camera man by using my shitty Nokia failphone, because everyone smartly forgot to bring a fucking camera.

That night was filled with endless untold stories of girls making out and buns rubbing into my eyes.

Epic, but that was just no. 7.

Zouk Club did pay me to party by the way.

Payment that night $100 + being a retarded photographer with a Nokia snapping slutty pics of 14 (hot) girls together = Epic Fail.

Insanity rating 7/10

no.5 ZoukOut 2010, Tiesto, David Guetta and Afrojack

I actually bothered to spend on a party, but it wasn’t just any party. It was the fucking party of all parties.

Dutch invasion by

The 3-time world no.1 DJ, Tiesto

Superstar 20 million multi platinum album selling DJ David Guetta.

Remember that cramped-ass India train station Model’s Night at Muse? Well this one had a record-breaking 35,000 party people crammed into an area the size of just 2 football stadiums.

ZoukOut was 4 times packed than shown in the photo.

The Dutch invaders played at Arena 1, and it was so hell on earth cramped with a 20,000 strong crowd in just one arena.

Being a smartass I got my hands on the tickets a day after distribution was announced. Avoided the 1km-long queue of idiots who didn’t and got stuck outside.

Rated 7.5/10 by me.

Bad news was my toe being stepped on 50 over times and all that pushing and sweating by tall white men. Gross!

no.4 7aste New York

Good sounds from Sean the beatboxer, great hilarious performance by the great Harith Iskandar. Lots of prizes given out.

This party was thrown just this month, and there is absolutely nothing better than partying with people you know.

Andy, Jason and myself got stripped

Girls had their arms around me


I also won a fucking Ralph Lauren jacket! the grand prize of the night.

Went home drunk and happy, this party spells S-A-T-I-S-F-A-C-T-I-O-N.

Worthy of my presence,

Insanity’s rating 8/10 with two thumbs up.

no.3 Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Party

My buddy Gary Leow happened to get me a VVVIP invite into this year’s party meant for country’s top figures and most powerful media industry players.

Whiskey bottles was free-flow. BOTTLES.

It was bottle after bottle after bottle after bottle. If I could remember right our group had about 15 bottles of Johnnie Walker’s Black Label that crazy evening.

No doubt one of the best parties I’ve even had because I was totally drunk and screaming, flinging my head everywhere and even got the sexy DJ’s attention.

This is also where I met my new buddy Charles James Wright. Even typing out his name makes me feel America is proud of him.

Don't mess.

Okay, that didn’t make sense but anyway.. YOU DA MAN CHALRES. Happy birthday by the way, everyone loves you.

Music, ambience, environment, ladies, drinks.

Insanity rating, 9/10. Dying for the next one, literally.

no.2 Cay Kujiper’s Retro-styled Birthday

I was invited to the gorgeous Cay Kujiper’s party.

Cay Kujipers.

As you can see from the pictures…...
I’ll let them speak for themselves how fucking insane the party was.

Much love Cay!

Share many mutual friends with her, which made the party evolve into a whole new level.
Drinks, music, dressing, environment, ladies we know of course gorgeous.

Insanity rating, 9.5/10

Can't wait to crash the next one.

no.1 Passion for Fashion: JM, NM & Johnnie Walker at Bakita

The number one party of the year, the phoenix Josiah Mizukami of JM Producions and goddess Natacha Meunier joining forces with the dragon Charles James Wright of Johnnie Walker.

Cassandra and myself.

Yew Han, Lakshimi, Jaishana Logan, Robyna and myself.

This party was exclusively for models. *wink*

Drink after drink after drink, girls after girl after girls. Can you believe this party was thrown on a Wednesday?

It was so fucking insane with all the friends and drinks.

Wilson got stripped!

The crowd was beautiful, filled with stunning models and flirty foxes. Whew.

Of course, I was drunk to the point of lalaland.

Josiah, Nat and Charles, you three have teamed up to create the grandest, most prestigious, most beautiful private party of the year which even attracted newspapers.

Insanity rating, proudly 10/10. Hands down 100% perfection.

Let’s all enjoy a good 2011