Bcard saved my butt.

Dear Reader,

If you're Malaysian, you can avoid the misfortune I suffered during the weekends with what I'm about to show you. 

Last week my parents flew off to Terennganu for business, and being the airhead I was, it was a nice Friday morning I got up and went straight to college. The usual 4 hour ordeal of the congested roads, parking spots fully taken and not paying attention playing with phone in class.

If you knew me in real life, by now you'd know how I'd always go snorlax-mode and sleep at Starbucks SS15 right at the end of my college classes. 

So there I was sitting outside, preparing my storyboard for the next production in place. Halfway through my drawings I felt a stab of uncertainty poke the back of my brain, which usually happens when I unconsciously forget about something important. My spider sense was tingling. This made me pull out my wallet and voila'

Every college senior's nightmare 

Furthermore I was bloody starving out there thanks to scumbag college's back to back schedule with no lunch breaks which happened to be on the day itself.

I was dumbfounded. 

Never had I seen my wallet this empty (and I blame my mom for not leaving me money before flying off). I happened to finish maxing out all my credit cards too for the month, and so I was left with no food to die. 

I poked around my wallet for any signs of monetary alternatives. Suddenly


Let me show you to my little friend. I totally forgot my Bcard had so much accumulated points I didn't even need cash to pay for my eats, and yesterday was the first time utilizing my card.

So I asked the nice Starbucks Barista to 'redeem' my points for a free drink, one of my favourites.

Chocolate cream chip with no whip-cream on top.

Yummy. I then finished up my drink and slept on the Starbucks sofa.

Upon waking up I went back home. Yay

Day 2 without money.

As group leader of my ER awareness project, I forced my group mates to meet up and see me at Starbucks in Suway Pyramid.

 Again, they swiped my card over and I redeemed..

Venti Green Tea ice-bleded frappacino! Still my fav compared to the Iced Toffee Nut Latte I had in Taiwan

Unfortunately one barista spotted me taking pictures and came over to ask me what was wrong. I told them  about the Bcard, how I was taking pictures about how to redeem it from their branch and guess what?

The Starbucks manager came back with the tall Greem Frap I have in my hand on the right and thanked me for promoting their branch.

So having a B card, you could save up alot of points and your butt just like it saved me.

Some benefits of Bcard are:

No annual fees.
Collect BPoints for every purchase and redemption.
BPoints value: 1 BPoint is equivalent in value to 1 sen (100 BPoints = RM1).
Redeem BPoints instantly* at over 250 participating outlets or redeem exclusive items through
BCardOnline Redemption at www.bcard.com.my.
Check your BPoints via SMS.
Type: BCardpoints16-digit BCard numberBCard pin. And send to 32125.
Online at www.bcard.com.my.


Bcard also has a Swipe & Win contest which started on the of 2nd of January and ends on the 29th of February 2012.


All you need to do is to swipe your Bcard twice miniumum at any BCard participating outlets during the contest period and you might just win an all expense paid trip to London!

Go ahead now to www.bcard.com.my and get yourself a Bcard!

~Sam Insanity~



    yah u can slurp all you need on that day! Lucky you bro!

  2. I have a question: you used 1695 points to redeem a RM16.95 drink, but what about earning points? If I spend RM16.95 on a Starbucks drink do I earn 1695 points as well?