I am sorry.

Dear Reader,

First of all I would like to apologize you. Yes.. you.

To the one reading this right now.

I am sorry I haven't been able to share with you what's been going on with life lately because at this moment it's just so damn hectic.

I am sorry to have disappointed your several visits to my blog to see I haven't updated anything. (I usually write two blog posts per month)

However, I had a look at my blog stats and was surprised to see even after a month of not updating my blog there are about 800 of you readers every single day visiting my blog. So here I am making time for, you.

As we speak even now I'm forced to write this post as fast as I can at 3am in the morning before getting back to my work. So, long story short.

On the start of January there was this wonderful girl who hit on me. I returned my feelings to her and opened up to her despite just breaking up with my ex-girlfriend.

So for about 3 weeks in we were seeing each other.. and I found out she had a freaking boyfriend. Worse than that, they were living together. How could you not tell me about this? How there be such a woman in the world not having the balls not to tell me and even go out with me?

That really hurt, and it sucked because I thought the both of us were looking for the same thing; she told me how she wanted a relationship filled with endless love. So fuck you Ms. F, lying two-timing bitch. I let my guard down and now you've caused me a great deal of pain and heartache. When I love someone, I love them with all my heart and soul.

So, you couldn't handle impatient Sam, or more like slow-ass snail Ms. F who's hard-headed and has a slow brain thinks she's such a fucking Madonna for writing all over her fanpage about asking me to fuck off; parading around that I was desperate after she couldn't handle some dumb rumors about us.

Well Ms. Proud High & Mighty, I should mention I got in touch with your boyfriend on facebook (This should be fun..) and you are so going to hell for this. Not feeling so Madonna now huh?

Sorry about that, needed to rant out the shit that's been in my head for about two months now.

Yeah, tell me about it; bad start to the year.

Currently, end of January has passed; things are now looking chaotic as my new semester at college is taking up almost all of my time and space in my mind.

I mean dude. It's only the second week and I've been appointed as group leader for 3 groups in different classes. I haven't even started on 3 assignments due tomorrow on Friday and today is freaking Thursday. (9gag partially to blame lulz.)

Worse still, my college approached our class to run two different PR campaigns at the same time in the college throughout a duration of two months.

Can you imagine the level of stress in my body?

Stress level: IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!

To top it off I need to make time for my video projects.

Oh, did I mention I am now involved in YouTube video skits? Casting for commercials and waiting to get picked is really pissing me off and really I need to get my face out there in Malaysia.

So I recently the latest video skit of me I put on facebook which was created together with my good friend Ming Han and Raffi?

Guess what.

Bitches in just two days it gathered 22,000 views on YouTube! And it's quickly approaching 30,000 views.

(it's one minute long) 

This is the first ever video we've produced to cater the YouTube audience and our video has surpassed all our expectations performing much better than expected thanks to my close friends, celebrity friends, network of fans, fellow Malaysians and 9gaggers (love you guys!)

I really am grateful for all of your support, and to be honest our team is feeling like we're on cloud 9 right now.

I am also very happy to announce that Sam Insanity.. will be officially be backed with his own production team. Bitches I'm going to have my own show! Do you know how excited I am over this? I seriously can't wait to kickoff my filming and video projects, but first I have to settle the score with scumbag college.

Sigh. But at the same time I'm trying my very best to find time to blog to you, about my insane trip Taiwan with two gorgeous girls, make time for gym too which I've skipped out 2 months on and writing a script for my new short film for a competition.

My life has really turned upside down 180 degrees from 3 years ago.

I've come a long way since the first day when top celebrity supermodel in our country Amber Chia discovered me while I was a depressed fat kid holding a bag of onions. When ran away from my home because of my father. When I was a sad kid with no hopes and dreams.

Still, I don't know where I'm going and where I'll be in 5 years time.. I've been searching for that one thing in life for so many years; the place that was meant for me.

Modeling.. dancing.. singing.. emceeing.. acting. I've tried everything and yet.. I still feel empty.

I hope eventually, I can finally find the place where I belong before it's too late. (I'm turning 22)

If you would like me to blog about my thoughts and opinions of certain topics like.. relationships, career advice, modeling tips, about your future or how to tackle a personal problem.. go ahead and drop me a comment. I'd be more than happy to answer.

Thank you for staying with me till the end of the post, reader. Yes, you.

Thank You. (now.. back to my assignments)

-Sam Insanity


  1. A great person who put great effort to make every job he did as great as he was. You're a great one =) Keep it up yo~!!

  2. Just someone passing by.February 11, 2012 at 4:46 AM

    dump that bitch.
    try music, when life is not as stressful as it is now.
    something like piano, guitar, or your instrument of preference.
    you haven't conquer that part of the world yet.

  3. 800 readers only 2 comments LOL