WeChat & avast! 7 launch in Malaysia @ Zouk Club KL

Hello people.

Last week I had the chance to try out my new camera at APAC Venture's Glitz & Glam Blogger's party; the official launch of WeChat and avast! 7 at Velvet Underground, Zouk Club KL in Malaysia.

Dun Dun Dunnn..

I had to briefly excuse myself from a shoot and drive all the way Subang to KL for this event. Thankfully I got there just in time for the speech.

Assistant General Manager of Tencent's internetional business group, 
Norman Tam

Chief Channel Sales and Operations, Avast! 
Arthur Baumann

The launch was celebrated together with 200 bloggers, local celebrities, media members and partners in the number one club in Malaysia, Zouk Club KL

Master of Ceremonies, 
Celebrity supermodel Leng Yein

The one with the angelic smile, 

On my left Yuchi Goh, Ashley Ahn; on my right Hanie Hidayah and Nasri Lian.

On my left Leonard ChuaAlicia Tan; on my right Mandy ChanAris Khoo and Karmun Ng.

Group photo with Arthur Baumann.

Rebranded as WeChat on the 19th April 2012, it is the no.1 most free downloaded app in the world which supports English, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Thai and Vietnamese on iOS and Android, Symbian and Windows. 

I downloaded WeChat and it's pretty cool. You can do the basic functions for text messaging, voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, photo/video-sharing, location sharing and contact info exchange.  

Your emoticons can be customised to whatever you want as well as the customisable background.

There are also pretty cool games that you can play like Rock-Paper-Scissor mini-games on your phone that you need to try out.

WeChat is loaded with futuristic features like "Moments" which is better than Instagram providing artistic filters, captioned and distributable photos you can easily share with your friends.

Many celebrities are using this app too!

There's a pretty cool "Look Around", "Shake" and "Drift Bottle" if you wanna have a sick time or find friends at a party.

As of March 2012, there are 100 million users of WeChat and recently they added another 40 million users to that number. 

For more information about WeChat, contact APAC Venture at www.wechatapp.com or james@apacventure.com

In conjunction with WeChat's launch, the world's no.1 security program avast! released it's new version 7 antivirus with features such as "helper-friend" to aid you with whatever computer issues you have (there's no need to install additional programs). With the "Account" feature, you check on your CPU's operation status and health of each machine.

avast! has many new improved features such as the "AutoSandbox" that quarantines suspicious programs inside the Sandbox which separates your browser with the system so in your browser gets hijacked in won't affect your CPU system; to top it off after scanning the program, a report is generated which recommends you your next action on how to treat the program in future.

avast! Software protects over 150 million users all over the world and ensures security, privacy protection and antivus applications.

The portfolio of avast! includes the new avast! Business Protection for companies, the premium avast! Internet Security with SafeZone and avast! Pro Antivirus for that's customizable according to your needs. Supported by CommunityIQ, the new avast! 7 has a network of sensors supported by multiple shields that is certified by VB100, ICSA Labs and WestCoast Labs.

For more information on avast! Visit www.avast.com or email James again at james@apacventure.com


~Sam Insanity~


  1. i tried out wechat and tested it with my other friends. it's very good! thanks sam

  2. I've been using WhatsApp for a long time and it has always been a big disappointment. This looks promising.

  3. are you korean? :DD

  4. too bad I own a Nokia phone..

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