ELEVATE Penang: Mocha Girls, Kylie Chapman, Siera Lee, Elecoldxhot, Hiloco

Note: Bonus photo if you read till the end of the post.

Hello readers.  

If you had been following my Facebook and Twitter you might have seen me travelling to Penang last week. I personally hate Penang, but yeah I was invited along with 19 other bloggers to go there thanks to the Don Mafia Donovan Chan and ELEVATE, so I gave it a shot.

 Our ladies from KL

Sam, Sam and Sam.
(Samuel Chew, Samantha Kong, Sam Insanity) 

It was time. 

Elevate @ Penang International Sports Arena

After getting our VIP passes from the Don Mafia, we skipped a long-ass queue and zipped past everyone like a boss.

To be honest, I didn't expect it to be some big ass huge event. Probably half of Penang turned up and it was ass-packed crowded with like a thousand people.

So yeah as the night progressed, I met up with some Penang friends I haven't seen for like 3 years.

Tannie and Minny (hey that rhymes!)

Vnn and I

 Master of Ceremonies, Kylie Anne Chapman

I never knew about Kylie, so naturally at first I thought she'd be one of those boring-ass Malaysian celebrities who'd put on a fake smile and be nice to everyone and then leave the event as soon as possible.

I was wrong about that. Not only can she emcee really well or speak to me in fluent Chinese and Cantonese

She's a fucking rockstar who knows how to party her ass off, and she's got a personality bigger than her.. umm.. smile. Yeah, smile. 

*Ahem* Anyway, I'm not easily impressed and I don't really remember names of boring ass people, but you're spontaneous as shit. 

You kept your promise to come back and see me that night, so I keep my promise to write good things about you that you forced me to promise, because awesome people like you are hard to find. Rock on babe.

I liked her Facebook fanpage, go check it out too -> Kylie Chapman.

The first act of ELEVATE was by DJ Sierra Lee who flew all the way from Korea. She warmed up the crowd pretty well I'd say..

She made the water get freaky

She even made the koreans of Penang come to see her.

The next act was the girl-group famous in the Philippines, the Mocha Girls with their rock hard abs.

They had a trivia question session right after and picked out two guys.

Funnily when they found out one of the guys wasn't single, they replaced the short dude

With me.

Yes lah thank you bloody bloggers who shouted my name and got me picked, you traitors.

Turns out it wasn't a trivia, we both had to impress a this Mocha girl called Mae.

 Mae, who has 336,000 facebook subscribers, picked me. So I had to stand next to her and listen to her while I was thinking of what food to eat later


Listen woman.. I just met you, and-WHAT CHU DOIN'

See, here is solid proof that I was trying not to hold her hand. 

Which was not working obviously . .

So I played along and got the crowd to wave with me

Oh god no

Mocha girl, Y U DO DIS? 
This is what you call abusing man's rights.

 As they watched on.. 

What Malaysians normally do when something happens. Sad

 The culprit bloggers in action. I will have my vengeance..

(Thank you Samantha, Samuel, Henry, Mike and the others for helping me take pictures by the way)

To get rid of 'our love', they got all the girls on stage. 

The next act was our very own famous dancers in Malaysia called Elecoldxhot 

 Malaysia Boleh

Chriz Ooi of Elecoldxhot

The last act was DJ Hiloco. She was quite shy around me snapping her photos for some reason

 The water went pretty wild after that 

Aris and Karmun

Some pics I took

The middle girl in the middle pic and the one on the far right of the last pic's hot. Just sayin'

But of course, we had to counter-attack them with out girl bloggers

The guy bloggers

Pretty happenin'. 


I had fun. 

I'd like to go to ELEVATE again next time.

Also, in this post I'd like to talk about Penang. 

I hate Penang. 

Back in 09' I had to deal with reckless kamikaze drivers, forked roads with no signs, circling the condom building Komtar for hours with Yumiko looking for a fucking hotel to stay at. It got me scarred and left with a terrible impression. 

On my right YeeingRyan Mo, and the Don Mafia (don't mess) with Zana taking the photo

Recently though, I totally changed my outlook of the island when I went down there with Ryan and the gang. 

After we reached Penang the others checked into Eastin Hotel while I decided to save money and settle with a $10 whorehouse. 

We had our very own Penangite Karmun Ng (right) and her bf Aris the God of War (left) take us to around to devour the most sinful food in Penang.. 

The Oh-Chien

Might I remind you Malaysia has the best food in the world in terms of variety. 

This dish may look a bit gross at first, but it really is just Oyster Omelette. The moment it enters your mouth the juices just spill out all over your tongue and God becomes angry at you. 

We had 4 plates of these; it's just that good. This dish of the gods can be found at Jelutong Post Office (name of the shop), Penang Road. I didn't get a chance to take the other foods because I was busy eating them. 

You should really try Penang's Famous Teo Chew cendol too, one bowl isn't enough! 

I didn't end up looking for my whorehouse and bunked in with my lovers Aris and Karmun. Pity they had to put up with me. *evil* 

My perception of Penang changed after that; it's not such a bad place.

Peace out.

~Sam Insanity~