adidas: The adiPure 360 - Born For The Gym

Ξ adidas is all in

On the 21st of September 2012 I was invited to adidas; the global German sportswear giant (and parent company to the adidas Group which consists of Reebok, TaylorMade and Rockport), with much thanks to Careen and Ms. Nor Soraya Ghazalie Charlemoine from Relevez Communications. 

I'm not a morning person at all, really; so it's quite unusual for me to reach the venue on time.

How awkward.

The event was held at The Pavilion; Kuala Lumpur's finest. 

For all my friends and readers from abroad,

This, is The Pavilion.

And there's the adiPure 360 launch.

As earlier said, I usually am never arsed to reach places on time, but I arrived a wee bit early at 9.50am.

Since there was nothing much to do so early (any time in the morning considered hella' early for a night owl panda like myself), being mischievous little me, I went to different floors snapping pictures of things I liked.

A couple in the morning, gazing at adidas out of curiosity. 
Having time to relax early in the morning, it speaks much that our lives are opposite, really.

10.05 am, still 25 minutes to launch.

I continue snapping photos of strangers attracted by the sports giant's presence.

I really can't help but wonder, though

Why he is crying. Reminiscence of his youth perhaps..

As I stood there pondering; stalking strangers for some time,
I realised time passed quickly and so I made my way down the concourse.

I was a tad' bit annoyed when some girlfriends of mine made a slick comment about me 'being late as usual', when in fact was one of the earliest to arrive. I let it slide however as sadly my infamous record of arriving late did not do me justice.

(don't worry, it wasn't either of you. c; )

adidas interactive game pads. 
The lady told me I was the first person to get all 7 answers correctly.

So I strolled over to the display; and had a look at the shoes.


When I picked it up, I was surprised at how light and soft the adiPure 360 was. 
Unfortunately I didn't have the time to try it out as the launch began.

Master of Ceremonies, nutritionist and corporate-wellness guru,
Wong Yu Jin digressing about health. 

adidas Malaysia's Brand and Sports Marketing Manager,
Bryan Gee

There goes adiPure team with the Gangnam Style craze.

Bryan is so cool.

I bumped into my idiot friend Ashley Khoo who left early, but look else who I bumped into

The woman who changed my life in Ford Models, 
Malaysia's supermodel Amber Chia with her son Ashton; 
still bursting with energy despite being a young mother.

Linora Low, 
Host, Red FM radio DJ, Emcee, Actress, Blogger and Fitness Enthusiast  

Group photo of the bloggers.

Mystery gifts being given out to the long line of people who don't workout.

They turned out to be brand new shoes for everyone, 
and everyone including myself was fighting for a nice colour and the right size. 

Thankfully, I managed to snatch the last pair of best ones.

I did not expect Dome to sponsor the food after the event.

So back home I unwrapped my box of shoes

Boom baby.

Unlike other shoes, this extremely flexible shoe is designed to be used for gym training specifically designed for the gym. 

With both a men’s version, and a model especially for women, the adiPure 360 is designed to let your feet move as nature intended and help you get the most out of your gym workout by helping to build natural strength, agility and balance.

It's so flexible

That when I scrunch my toes up 

I can practically see them. 

And just look at these extreme close ups of the adiPure tr 360 I took under white-house lighting.

They remind me of the specially engineered suit of Spiderman in the third sequel. 

See the resemblance?

(with flash)

An extreme close up of the adiPure tr 360 under yellow-house lighting.

An earlier picture from the event explaining the physics of this shoe.

And a breakdown of the tech sheet below. 

Oh sexy leg hair. 

For more info, click on the photo below.


This blogpost was brought to you by adidas and Sam Insanity.

~Sam Insanity~


  1. lol why did you go around stalking old people in the morning. I like your style

  2. your pics are nice. what camera do you use?

  3. Hi. This shoe is also safe for walking or jogging? Thank you.

  4. Sorry I was away at sea
    @Anon - I like my style too 8)
    @wong - Canon 60D 18mm-55mm f5.6 kit lens no need anything special
    @Romeo - It's really comfortable to bring anywhere, even in business meetings.