Happy 800,000 views

Hello reader,

This blog has been up for as long as I've used the internet, and that is hella long. So let me just say

Happy 800,000 views! 

Wasn't it like 780,000 views like a month ago over here? Feels like friggin yesterday. I'd wait till it hits 1,000,000 but I might be dead tomorrow, who knows. Seize the moment right?

I remember when I first started blogging I remember I got like 3,000 views for the whole year despite writing like 10 posts a month and sharing it on my facebook like 3 times a day.

Holy shit man that sounds so pitiful.

But I continued anyway because I was a confused teenage attention-whoring nerd in depression living in abuse and wanna to spill my heart out somewhere. Wait a second, I still am.

If my forever alone 17 yr-old self were in front of me and I said 'kid, one day your blog is gonna hit 6 figures' he'd be like 'but how is that possible, I have so many pimples'.

Damn insecure kid. I wish I could travel back in time to actually have the tiny bit of confidence I have now but meh. Nowadays I'd shift out one long-ass post a month for being too busy, sorry about that. Some of you bitches pinch and scold me to write more to entertain your highn-asses but I'm a busy person k.

Since my blog hit a huge milestone and its a big deal for me, I'll be celebrating with Hennessy at their event tomorrow in the famous Butter Factory where they're releasing this new bottle

The 3rd edition of the Hennessy V.S.O.P’s Privilege Collection; 
the Hennessy V.S.O.P KYRIOUS

Damn that sounds cool, kinda has a God-of-War ring to it. Kratos, Zeus; you get the point. 

Why at Hennessy? Well, asking why I want to go to Hennessy is like asking what water tastes like. 

It's because.. well.. now that I think about it.. Holy balls. I've been to Hennessy events more than 3 years!

2009: Tipsy and first time meeting Fay Hokulani, french friend Nat on the right

(Told you I had pimples)

2010: Looking sober because I just arrived with Janice, and later tipsy

 2011: So tipsy I can't even recall taking this picture

God damn I've changed.

When I was told about this event and had a look at the line up below where they're bringing the Taiwan party scene to KL

I was thinking to myself 'hmm, DJ Cookie..'. She sounded damn familiar and I started googling her. Then it hit me like how my mom would slap my back

I actually met Cookie back in 2011 when some hot chicks asked me along to come fly with them to Taiwan where we had crazy time together. (I'll blog about it if I get 1 comment wanting to know about my Taiwan trip, hah) 

When I touched down I asked a friend there to bring us to the most famous club in Taiwan and he brought us to Luxy.

Here she is!

Holy shit I'm fat

And of course I took over the Taiwan party scene

briefly since after my friend took that pic I was crushed under six bouncers and pulled down from stage. 

So I'm gonna have to show Cookie here how to really party since everyone else here stands around with coca cola in their hand like a lame ass. 

Thank you Hennessy and my sexy lengzhai friend Don for inviting me to celebrate with you tomorrow at Hennessy V.S.O.P KYRIOS's debut. 

It so happens the KYRIOUS will be going to 

Penang at the Room @ Autocity, 29 March, ft. DJ Cookie (from Taiwan) and B.A.T.E. 

Batu Pahat at iBeam, 12 April, ft. DJ Cookie and B.A.T.E again as well as 

Kota Kinabalu at BED, 26 April, ft. DJ Aye (from Bangkok) and KL's very own Mr. Nasty & GuruGuru. 

Not sure if I'll be going to for those too, but 

If you want free passes to the Hennessy events go to their official facebook page www.facebook.com/HennessyMalaysia

Again, happy 800,000 views. Wow this is still unreal. That's like an average 800 views per day in 3 years, whew. 

See ya later readers. 

-Sam Insanity