1st show's over

Monday the 8th of June 2009~

Dear Diary,

I just performed at Leisure Mall last Saturday, the crowd, as predicted, just keep looking on at my dance academy's performances with folded arms. Every time acts would end, maybe about 4 people would clap softly.. that's how much leisure mall people suck e_e;

My performance only lasted 54 seconds, super short but I garnered the most applause from the audience with my butt-shake haha. But I landed on my butt.. ohhhhh painnnnnnn

I'm tired~ and worried, my next performance is on Saturday night but my piano partner went to Indonesia wtf. I can't practice and I need enough before it's too late, my throat hasn't healed either. I've even invited people to watch me, omg!

I just hope my throat heals in time, I'll give it my best on this one :3


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