the Best day of my life

happy birthdayyyy

Dear Diary, date is 18th+19th togehtr since It's 3.40am and I just got back from Zouk hahaa....

Amber happi birthdayy ;]]]]

My face is red is I type, today was Fucking, awesome.

Dance like there's no tommorow hahaaaaaa

i tried doing my shoulder-freeze breakdance move but fell on fuckin'; table and spilled the beer

fuckin' high mnan, but nowhere near drunk.. or as drunk as kitt :PPP bla\rghh SHHH

Something just happened that'll change my life forever and i mean FOREVER

It's all I wanted, it's just what I needed

I'm soo glad to have met you guys, I love my mom cuz without her I would never have met you all

night's still young.. party on ;))

omg i kissed pinky .... 's..... cheek, HA

zzzzzzzzzzzz...... those guys should stop forcing us on each other....................

~Sam loves you allllllllllllllllllllllll -thud, falls on bed-

*10 million fireflies.. i can't believe my eyes ( > *3*)> <(~_~ < )*

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