Diary of Love. Part I

Dear Diary.. "It's been forever since I've had a crush on anyone. I wish share with you now, my secret."

Entry 1

" The moment I saw you, I fell in love. With your beauty, your smile. But.. love takes time to grow, you need time, to get to know me. But I don't have that time.. or the chance to be near you. So Pinky, I love you. But I won't chase after you anymore.. :) -Sam < / 3 " Dec 16 2009

Thoughts in my head:

"I will love you, silently. Watching over you forever, from afar."
Dec 17 2009

Entry 2

"Control my emotions. Limit myself from wrongdoing. I am a sincere good boy :) and no i will NEVER kiss pinky on the lips without her approval and/or consent.. i might get bitten :x meow." Dec 21 2009

Thoughts in my head:

"Everyone.. I know you're eager for us to get together, but don't push her around or ontop of me, give her some space. I care for her feelings. At the same time, I thank you, I would never have kissed her cheeks."
Dec 21 2009

Entry 3

"I decided before, to let go of you so you'll be safe. But everyone brought us close, they're still cheering me on.. I confess, the flame in my heart has lit up again. A part of me, wishes to hold you.. But.. I know you need time. I am still fighting for you. ~Sam"
2 seconds ago.. Dec 22 2009


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