Project Abs. Part 1

Dear Diary, "My attempts to getting abs have always been sidelined, unfocused and a partial desire, which equally has frustrated me more than ever."

Right no shit. Starting 28th of Dec 09. Abs by 1st April 2010. Go Go Go

"Day 01 of 96 BURNING TO GO TO GYM"

"Day 2/96 . sleep now gym later.

Day 2 continued. Controlling the urges for fried chicken and ice cream."

"Day 3/96, it's morning and I'm eating oatmeal without sweetmilk or sugar. Yuck, but it's all for the abs.

Day 03 of 96 continued : That bowl of oatmeal was the slimiest and worst pile of crud I have ever devoured. Changing clothes, going to gym in 20 minutes."


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