Goodbye, Blonde hair.

"My hair was like..
the lost treasure of the Apollo,
God of the golden Sun.
A symbol of change and revolution.
I felt wild and free."

Dear Diary,
Today is Thursday
the 1st of April 2010,
1.40am in the morning and I just got out of the shower.

I couldn't remember.. I think I was having nice a dream. While sleeping cozily under a 3-inch thick nylon blanket. Then a fucking cat kept moaning right outside my window like 50 times, and the moans gradually started to grow into shrieks until my eyes were blood-shot wide open. I couldn't remember the dream I had at all.

I swung my window wide open looking for the fucking thing in the dark, I would've thrown my laptop at it or something, fucking cat.

Diary, the past few days I feel like I've lost a friend, mypride was dented, it feels like I've lost a family member, my partner in crime, the day I dyed away my darling sparkly hair.


Why hello there mr. sexy asian, too bad youre the same as every other
Now it reminds me, my black hair had a tinge of natural brown in it.

The Grueling Process

  • Hair bleached 8 times, dyed with platinum last.
  • It smelled funny, my eyes hurt.
  • Bleaching my black hair away took 8 hours for the right colour to come out
  • Each time felt like acid and fire ants poured all over my head
  • But it was all worth it in the end.


No one and nothing could stop me.

Eventually I the roots just grew out ugly and I just had to fix it.

So after much thought I decided to go pitch black.

It rained so heavily when I got home, the skies were telling me not to do it :(

The black fighting with the blonde.

Ma trimming away the damaged ends

Waiting and waiting and..

Oh hurry up already!


Dyeing starts

Dyeing ends

Waited for 45 min, wanna see my Black hair?

To be continued...

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  1. HAHAHAAHHA!!! I love how you end your post! Finally getting around to reading your blog. Job well done. =)