Thoughts. part II

"I am. Therefore, I think. "

Dear Diary,
Today is Saturday
the 17th of April 2010,
1600 hours, it's about to rain outside.
I'm in my room taking a break from my Socio Psycho assignment.

"I believe when we fall in love, we become babies again. Lost for words, weak in the knees, and hung like a baby elephant."

"It doesn't feel as nice sleeping naked the second time like it was the first time."

"I thought toning down my awesomeness to study was the way to go, but that's not what the greatest people before me had always done."

"How can you be an asshole and a nice guy at the same time? An asshole and a nice guy? You must be retarded."

"Expectations lead to breakups."

"Its sad there are pathetic racists out there who are either jealous, or narrowly closed-minded, who can only say things behind a fake name under a virtual construct that doesn't exist in real life. These people usually never get out of their sad little bubbled up world. Couldn't stop Barack Obama either. "

"Cute is not beautiful."

"Sometimes, thinking only gets in the way."

"It's not where you come from or what you're made of, it's where you're going."

"Stand up, let your voice be heard."

~Sam Insanity Sunshine

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