Goodbye, Angel.

"The first time I bought flowers for a girl,
happened to be the last time I saw her."

Dear Diary,
Today is Saturday.
2.30am, 24th of April 2010
I just broke up with my girlfriend.

It hurts.. but I understand. I could tell from the beginning I couldn't be with you the way your mother looked at me. Don't cry.. I've been having thoughts for a while, and out of respect for your family, power in social class/status and a clean image, I accept not to date you anymore. I love you, but remember, that Family comes first. Cheer up.

I knew all along. A family of royalty.. I'd rather live without being judged by the sick-minded materialistic people around you. Think of the hardships your family would go through. I wear what I feel with pride, today I let you go. The way you were brought up differently, I proudly choose not to become your mother's Prince Charming instead of yours.

It hurts...

Sam Insanity Sunshine.


  1. .. I'm so sorry if it hurts you. it hurts me too.. Goodbye, Sam..

  2. cheer up sam! you will be better. i promise :)