Lady Gaga, fashion goddess.

Lady Gaga.
Just the name turns heads. Then again, she'll have everyone's attention anyway from having those insane makeup and hair-dos, wearing those bizarrely made glamorous outfits.

With her powerful vocals and overflowing charismatic bisexual feminism, her first no.1 US Billboard hit single 'Just Dance' shuvved her into the spotlight and she has been making hits smashing pop-charts around the world ever since. There is not one club not playing her music at the wee hours in the morning.

This extraordinary lady is known controversially for wearing what she feels when she likes, which is usually the notoriously eye-popping mouth opening out of this world custom-designed costumes oftenly seen in her music videos, appearances at events and performances.

Lady Gaga in her music video 'Poker Face'

I happen to admire Lady Gaga, not because of her looks, but mainly because she's something different, passionate, exciting and fresh. Plus she's good at what she does. What people say about the way she dresses, it doesn't matter. She will always be herself, both her and I similar in many ways (she's one of the few people in the world I idolize). She is quickly becoming one of the leaders of our future's new generation.

Some of the results of Lady Gaga being berated by hate groups.

Along the way, she is lauded by closet-haters, usually ranting about how they hate her extreme attention-commanding style, how controversially sexual her music videos may be, the way she dresses, how much make-up she puts on, how many surgeries she may have had. They would blast her around the internet or through some other forms of media one way or another silently loathing her and waiting for the opportunity to bring her down.

Lady Gaga with her famous (or infamous,
depending on which side you're on) bubble leotard on her US tour.

She could be the most alien thing they have ever seen in their life. Maybe they're just scrambling to keep up sticking labels on her such as 'lesbian', 'wannabe', 'ugly' just to justify and make themselves feel good.

Maybe they're just living in their own fragile bubble, in their very own culture and country Lady Gaga's style may have already long before been coined as 'sluttish', 'cheap' relating to something degrading just to stop their people from going into that direction.

Eitherway, the world will always have those narrow-minded grumpy (and maybe jealous) people making some noise at the craziest things they see at one point of time or another. But one thing remains unchanged.

Be who you are, say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter, and those who dont mind, matter.

That is what I believe in. Dont you agree?

I totally support Lady Gaga.
(and because it's her I just had to write so much.)

~Sam Insanity Sunshine

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