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The Satellite M840s look stylish don’t they? No matter what you choose they’ll be quite attention grabbing. But who cares! What matters is the colours you’re happy with :D

How to pick a laptop colour

So last week I was talking about the memes, but Toshiba has adopted this trend and come up with their own memes!

Some of them are good but they though I feel they could do much better.

I got to know that they’ve launched an ongoing "Meme Like You Meant It" voting contest that ends on 30th August!

You could be among 10 people to win a shiny mystery gift from Toshiba (one person is allowed to vote only once).

All you need to do is vote on which you think is the most voted meme! Easy as that.

What do I think?

I have a feeling it’s one these two. Just saying!

Vote for your favourite meme now, and stand a chance to win a flashy mystery gift from Toshiba!
So hurry up and vote! Remember, you can only vote once!

Place your vote over here

Contest period is 15th August and ends on 30th August

Be sure to check out more funny memes on their FB album here

This post was brought to you by Toshiba and Intel. For more information, visit Toshiba at

~Sam Insanity

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