Ford Supermodels of the World Malaysia 2009: A participant's insight.

"I..made it?"

Round 1

"Charmed by my unique looks broad shoulders rare oriental eyes nice pouty lips and strong personality, plus the slippers I was wearing,
(who on earth wears slippers to a competition?)
I gave them a lasting impression.
All 4 judges gave 4 yes votes for round 1."

1)Azrul Kevin, 2)Gillian Hung, 3)Amber Chia, 4)I have no idea.

Round 2

"There were like, 240-ish pretty people there"

"Greatest rival, 7 foot tall pretty boy!"

During Round 2

"Oh god I haven't stood still for so long since National Service"

"Trying my best.. not to laugh,
It's hard to not giggle when I'm taking photos this way"

End of round 2

"I was the 3rd dude called and I made it in,
the rest of the 31 guys had to stand and wait.. haha.
7 more dudes were eliminated. I was calm and confident.
Funny the others were so paranoid in front of them."

"Sitting among the girls since I was picked early
after standing 15minutes, other guys were done after half an hour LOL"

Now it's their turn to stand

"Since they had to wait for the guys to finish,
it musta been a loooong day.
See that Green shirted girl?
yeah that was me standing there earlier"

"Adios, girls."

Back at home

"First time ever with 0% model experience,
I am in the top 30 men picked out of 200+
Pretty awesome I'd say."

I wonder..
"Just how far I can go.

Anyone got modelling tips?"



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