Me? A supermodel?? Part II

"Me and my girl Amber Chia :p
google her. "

~13th of November 2009 : 10.30pm~

Dear Diary,

It's the 11th happy anniversary for our 11th minute Amber and I have been together. Joking. Amber's such a sweet person with a very open mind, funny I was sleeping and she sat right next to me and we talked for quite a while.

(You should probably google Amber Chia by now if you don't know her, AND read the older 2 posts if you havent.)

Diary, it was a really new field I was entering, I had no idea what modelling could be like until today.

"7:10, walked over to..."

"Diva Production, it was a really neat place"

"Left side were hair stylists, right side were make-up artists."

"Met cute Greenie and Maggie today"

"My Banana gang, Heidesh, Tims, Edwin and Agent no.2"

"Other hopeful male models,
80% of us have never modelled before."

"Before: Sad me"

"After: woot funky new Hair styled"

"Best shot of the day :) That's Greenie preparing the makeup"

"After: I really liked the makeup Greenie gave me,
I've always wanted flawless skin so this is the closest I'll get."

"She even shaded my cheekbones :D "

"Briefing before heading out to the profile photoshoot"

"Back at the Catwalk, Amber's sisters and
her Hong Kong manageress dropped by"

"Getting ready for Profile photos.. whatever that is"

"Profile photo session in action"

"It's Greenie and Maggie again, so small and cute. :p "

Bloody phone ran out of juice, we went to the rooftop and learned some topless catwalk.. yes, that means I took my shirt off along with the rest of the 19 models. Topless photoshoot was at 7.30pm so I went back home for a nice shower, got sunburned doing topless catwalk :/

"Oh baby, they gave me the brand I'm annoyed at most,

"Came back to the photoshoots"

"Well, thanks to Mr. Azrul's creativity,
one person took about 15 minutes to complete a photoshoot
and I was there from 7.30 till 10pm just waiting"

I've escaped elimination once again and, now I'm in the top 20 after 10 more contestants were sent home. I was shocked that tommorow (Saturday) 10 more contestants would be eliminated and it really put me in a pinch.

I feel abit angry and regretful on this night I went home, because I knew I could have done so much better, and it could very well cost me a win to the next top 10 male models tommorow. I hope I'll make it in but I wouldn't put too much hopes, people who do that get devastated so I might as well expect to lose.

I know they've gave me great compliments on my rare oriental eyes and unique features/looks but it isn't enough, I am unsatisfied, if I could I would turn back the time and redo that photoshooting session. I could have done so so so so much better if I put in my own spice and more effort. I'll need all the luck in the world for this next elimination on Saturday morning.

"Oh well, 2010 is closing in. Time to enjoy 2009 while I can."


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