Thoughts. part I

Dear Diary,
Today is Sunday
the 7th of March 2010,
1500 hours and I 'm about to head to gym.

Apparently I have a tiny fanbase of regular readers o_o
Oh well~ I don't bother much with people reading my personal entries ~3~


  • Him : "Don't be a pussy, take drugs." Me : "You're a pussy, taking drugs." You don't phase me with your cheap shots at getting high and escapism, I've got more balls than anyone to face this harsh reality. Dumbass.

  • Fuck, I don't even feel 20 dammit.

  • Don't say I didnt tell you so, I told you so

  • I turned 20 and I feel like I'm dying ._. 30 years left to go

  • Not to forget, no matter how better they are than me at modeling, they dont have the balls the come up on stage and DANCE :p

  • When there is love, there is jealousy.

  • Women are the most beautiful things ever made on earth, who agrees?

  • Why? Why should I hire you when I could hire the next person in line? What makes you so different from the others?

  • There's not much time left

  • There's this annoying assumption around guy models, people think I'm pimped with girls or something.. haha

  • I told you I just don't care.

  • I hate girls who wait for guys to invite them out, girls will never ask a guy out to eat or for a movie, poor guys out there.

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  1. people are just jealous that some guys are hot enough to be a model =)