The Future.

"Suddenly, I understood the tormenting thoughts of millions all around the world.
The suicidal, the depressed, the lonely, the ones who have given up on living and hope."

Dear Diary,
Today is Tuesday
the 16th of March 2010,
1100 hours and I'm blogging at gym.

The fear of the future. These past few days I had been having a storm of negative thoughts over my head and had been convinced that I would not succeed in life. Work, deejay classes, studies, picking up a skill, it was impossible to balance it all.

But I eventually realised you shouldn't think about the future..
Because no one knows what's ahead. Chances come by, just be prepared when they do.
If I keep thinking about the future, I would surely fail at life.

Alone, I crawled back up and stand once again. Thinking and worrying about the future is just pointless, the present is the most important time to learn, the past is to tell you who you are and to push you the furthest you have ever gone.

I have to push myself harder, where I came from, the past motivates me. And as long as I have a goal, I can make it. Confidence. Determination. Desire. Frustration. Life.

I forgot my iPod and towel at home again, dammit.


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