List of Dreams

note: List is not according to eagerness or desire to fulfill and has been randomly shuffled however being chosen to be listed, each and every one of them shall be world class with endless effort, push, and determination, in short, my vocations.

"A dream is just a dream.
A goal
is a dream with a plan and a deadline"

Dear Diary,
Today is Saturday
the 6th of March 2010,
I'm writing out the future I favour
1200 hours and it feels like I just woke up.

DJ tops the list, my love for music drives me. I may be enrolling into DJ school soon as soon as my decision is solid.
Cook (hobby)
Dancer (hobby, need someone to whip my ass)
To be some random madman tv personality naturally entertaining and attracting watchers all around the globe! TV Presenter fused with acting?
Brand Owner (far away dream)
Recording artist/producer (faraway dream of Neverland)
Designer (still too far!)
Comedian (big maybe)
Model (I don't see myself too big, I'd rather be a dj first then model)
Blogger (not that I'm not)
Cosplayer (hobby)
Emcee (maybe, need to muster up my confidence)
Traveller (hobby)
Actor (yeah right, I see that in my late 20s)
To have a nice body (I need someone to really whip my ass into shape.)
Website owner (facebook isn't a dream)
Getting some sort of certified education background

List of Nightmares

Growing old tops the list. (I feel like an uncle, being called '20'. OH GOD, I'M DYING *shiver*)
Runway Fashion (I'm okay with doing tinytinytinytinytinytinytiny small jobs, notice the tiny's?)
Office boy *shivers*
Cleaner (the thought of it is horrifying) *shiver*
Couch potato
Hair stylist
Lapdog of some rich arrogant fucker. *shiver* Then again, I could make her think I'm her lapdog but in reality she is my lapdog! *evil laughs*
Being indifferent with all the money-minded buffoons walking around Tokyo and in the world with no goals in life, I like to be opposingly different.

Nevertheless, 2010 will be the year to accomplish something.

This could be fun. (;

~Sam Insanity Sunshine

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