Snitches in the family

"I feel betrayed and backstabbed."

It's happened three times already, mary, the pain i feel as i write online, what the fuck is on your mind when you tell everyone about what i write on my blog?

I bet it's fucking fong telling whatever I post online to ma. every fucking time its the same, even that time where you just said it out loud in the car

If you're reading this, use your FUCKING brains and think of the consequences dumb ass. some things aren't meant to be said around the house you know? what you read you keep it to yourself

a fucking happy day has turned miserable. what, you think i'm happy now?

why am i in trouble now? how do you think i can trust you with stuff? you're my fucking brother dammit. get smart or something, geez.

In return for writing about my personal life, I finally caught the sneaky rat.


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