My Virginity.

"Now I can stop telling people I'll end up as
the 40 year old virgin. Eheh."

Dear Diary,
Today is Wednesday
the 24th of February 2010,
0200 hours and I just woke up next to her.
2 days after my birthday, I have lost my virginity.

I have finally lost it. It was a bit boring, but it was good, real good in the sense I'm free from staying quiet on 'how old were you when you lost it' questions. I'll keep this post a short one, today is just a day to remember. I lost it in a hot fling at 20. :D Happy face

No I wont go into details, this is my diary! I am writing for myself not you random viewers.



  1. i'm so proud of u! *sob sob*

    Big BOi d.

    btw, happy belated birthday. :)

  2. Haha... that was great!
    Congratulation 2 u..;-)

    Happy Belated Birthday..