"Another part of my brain has been activated."

Dear Diary,
Still Monday the 22nd of February 2010

I won't be a fool. I won't be a follower. Question them Question them Question them. That's how reputation is earned, that's how big bosses do it, that's how respect is commanded.


I'm never used that word, probably Ever. Only What, not Why. It's kinda stupid really, only after that small talk with big bro it all clicked. Why couldn't I realise these things much sooner, I don't know, but I'm just going to have more class, be smarter and if people push me around, I beat the fuck outta them.. with words. This is probably how Guan Yu won his battles, he did not take rationalisation, he took facts and made decisions.

Why? Why should I hire you when I could hire the next person in line? What makes you so different from the others?

Big Boss here I come.


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