Dear Diary,
Sunday, 11th of January 2009, 7.20pm-ish

I'm having some weird depression, feeling maybe a little down, I dunno =(
There MAY be 5 main problems

  • Dad is definitely a problem, fucking keeps pressuring me. Solution? Kill him. haha it's a joke, but I've had serious thoughts about it. Even on weekends all he does is complain.

  • College, have to take a test in May 2009 so I can get into college on July 2009, that means working for my dad for 5 more effing bitch months. Solution? I can probably study for two whole months straight without a break.
  • I've been single for quite abit, I'm not sure whether to or not to embrace a girl I like, 4 girls are pushing for me.
  • Oh I think I'm getting it, it may be because I'm STILL procrastinating.
  • Procrastinate + Forget = my life sucks.
  • I wanna buy glasses, but mom doesn't want me to get the one I chose.
  • I hate office work with passion.

sighhhh I knew it, it's underlying depression,
I didn't even know I had so much problems until I wrote it all out,
I'm gonna work on these right away.
I'm slowly forgetting who i am.. what i wanna be, what i hope to achieve, what i wish to instill into the hearts and minds of people because of my controlled life..

Where did my determination and confidence go to?


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