A House, that is a Home.

Dear Diary,
12th of December 2008, 12.45am midnight-ish

Is a Home, that's not just a house.

Wise words said by my father. Link the two together and you will see the importance of a 'Home'.

'It's the same.' you may say, but ah, it isn't; there is but a true meaning. :3

I am a billionaire, I own 400 houses, I own everything I want to own.
But now, all I want now a home, a place I can go back to, a family. I have everything, yet I have nothing.

In short, a 'home' is a place you love and has value, you treasure it until the day you die.

But a 'house' is just a place you stay in. It is material, it means nothing to you but money, it's empty in the sense that it's just an object, it can't give you love, it doesn't share a part of your life, it's just a roof over your head.

So dear friends, family, never live in an empty house, but live in a cozy home filled with love and memories that you can always go back to when you're old, heck die there even.

On a side-note, I watched 'The Day the Earth stood still' with my brother, was interesting, top actor Keanu Reeves and a beautiful actress were acting in there, but interesting is all it was. Just watch it if you're bored, otherwise stay home if you want to save your money. The 3D is really cool, it's the team that did the 3D for LORD OF THE RINGS movie, pwnage.


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