A durian fell on my head

Dear Sexy, wait.. diary, yeah diaryy
5th of December 2008, 6.45pm-ish

my most sane line will be the first line after this sentence you're reading 'that photo up there was the drink i drank 8 times (coffee) i sat there from 3 to 5.40pm talking nonstop so everyone was staring at me lol -dead-'
I think i'm drunk. or poisoned by caffeine
My insane world dominating out of control devil has been summoned
no i'm not horny
i'm sane but insane
each 2 minutes my head slams on the

tell you what happened today 'One day samkitty had a meeting with one of my dad's company manager and we sat down with my good friend and discussed super secret planss from 11.40pm to 3pm and finished and the guy went back and i discussed nonstop with my friend migrating from starbucks coffee to a chinese restaurant that gives free tea/coffee refills and samkitty took in 8 glasses of coffee with ice and kept on talking and having ideas nonstop write them on paper went to piss at a toilet twice and finished talking at 5.40pm then i drove really well while drunk and here samkitty is typing away going to sleep at 7pm and waking up not-drunk at 7.30pm to jog to gym and have the new taekwondo class at Gold's Gym, will samkitty make it in time? is it too late for our hero? holy ***t i'm drunk but not drunk -slams head on table- not The End' and so i completed that rant in a record breaking 3 minutes because of that stupid coffee (each drink is worth RM4 but its free refills) andi completed my first rant without full stops yay.

oh man it's 7pm now, i have to sleep and go to gym with kristian (the great height man from sayfol) and we dine in hell, tonight. wait i'm full -headacheheadacheheadacheheadache- :3

i just remembered i have to pluck out a tooth tommorow at the dentist, yumm

~saM (shit typos.. -dead-)

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