All four of my fangs were removed

Dear Diary,
13th of December 2008, 8.30pm-ish

That's me trying to smile at 10.30am in the morning after my teeth were pulled

Today's been one hell of a painful day, compared to last week's teeth extraction

the bleeding and pain was ouchhhhhh D:
I had to call cancel my piano class

Looks like there's a school reunion on the 26th of December, what a fucking great coincidence I had to be going to Europe on the 20th to the 31st this month =[

well, I have to sleep the pain off my teeth, it's Killing me and bleeding alot x[

only good thing about today is the video I posted at 1am in the morning's got 160 view hits

I tried producing another video but the pain kept distracting my ass off

sam feels really sore today~ ugh =(


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