Dear Diary,
17th of December 2008, 12.30pm-ish

Popular restaurant we went to, bill was RM161.65

It's a really tough choice to make, go studying, or keep working (which is against my beliefs)

I have finally founded the reason for my airheadedness o3o
And why it's quickly curbed with music, empty space + music = Awesome

So technically the inside of my head is actually a stage, hah

This bird-brained moron cut ahead of my car today and i horned the shit outta him, then i sped up to get to my spot at the traffic light, he actually blocked me off the road, is he stupid?

Then I cut ahead of him, and he stopped next to my car, winded down the window and spouted crap out while smoking lol, surely this is the kinda shit that could get me killed but I dont back down easily, but he drove a blue BMW, and i wondered how an idiot could have gotten hold of a blue BMW, then i mindmapped the possibilities

A) He stole it.
B) His dad gave it to him.
C) He secretly used his dad's car
D) Lowly petty thief who joined a secret organization of car hjijackers.

Eitherway what a fucking moron. I can't wait till dad gives me that handgun when I hit 21, then they'll shit their pants when I point at them. Though I wouldn't be THAT stupid, it's just not worth it, but I just wonder how idiots manage to survive in this world.

On a side-note, I really love feeling young and not growing up, but the sad truth I'm being hinted at; I HAVE to grow up in order to achieve my goals in entertainment. Which is really hard for me to accept

So I was just composing lyrics and the family went out for dinner.

Huge yummy dish of 'Wa Tan Ho'


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