They pulled out my teeth today

Warning, the following may show graphically explici-

ah fuck it youre all 18 or have the mindset of one anyways

Dear Diary,
Saturday 6th of December 2008, 1.30pm-ish, delayed to 1.50pm because of excess bleeding

The left side of my upper and bottom tooth today was pulled out, there's alot of blood :P
those're the painkillers i'll have to take every 4 hours (Panadol)
now now girls, no eww or getting traumatised over seeing a pair of teeth, you have to think like grownups ;D

i dont wanna grow up so i'm gonna say.. THIS IS SO COOL OMFG ROFLMFAO <3>

I had to change the tissue every 15 minutes once the cotton things absorbed the blood from the extracted hole-thingy, i've already flushed 3 bloody gifts down the drain,

hope (our local city sewer cleaners) Indah Water's gonna love their christmas present.
thats the thanks i'm gonna give them for sending me a RM48 bill every half a year

It was fucked uppp in the dentist's receptionist counter, while i was discussing with them about making another appointment on the 13th to extract my other 2 teeth (right side) cuz i'm going to Europe (Belgium, Holland, France, Switzerland, England, Germany) for 12 days from 20th till the 31st of December 2008 on a vacation

Blood DRIPPED out of my numb-injected mouth and fell all over my WHITEEEE shirt and the reception (it was an amazing experience, the nurses were screamingg XDD i loved it.)

and everything was like emergency room situation O= they rushed my into a room and changed my cotton (i'm still numb and bleeding as i type :3 )

my lips look fat cuz of the drug injected into my gums, i cant feel a thing ;o
but i have a scary feeling i'm not going to be able to smile like in the photo once the numbing-effect runs out, the pain's going to be legendary ^______^ bring it.

The operation was funny, the doctor asked me to close my eyes so i wouldnt have to see the needle, otherwise it would traumatise me or something,

hell i've been through worse when i did my blood test, while i was in the hospital a month ago, the doctor took 1 whole injection of blood from my body right infront of my face, needle sticking into my hand and shit, it was AWESOMEEEE

gah, it's 2pm now, i have to drive to my Piano class at Cheras as usual but i'm more worried about my bleeding, gonna have time to practice my piano notes since class starts at 4pm :P

ahh shit the cotton's full of blood, i have to change it again, fun ;3

~Sam <3

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