Malaysia + Aircond = love

Dear Diary,
7th of December 2008, 7.20pm-ish

I woke up today at 1pm strangely, after falling asleep yesterday at 12 midnight when i was supposed to wake at 8am. D=

This proves my aircond is dangerous, i want to have my normal 8 hour sleep grr
but now i think about it, i dont really have a choice living Malaysia x[
sleeping without an aircond is suicide, it's like you sleep in a sauna room or something

today's hiphop and latin dance went really well, but stupidly i forgot to take pictures of myself and ask the instructor for some song titles to download so i can practice ;o

referring to the post below, i'm getting my 3rd and 4th tooth yanked out on the 13th, it's nothing really, compared to an online friend i had who had all 4 wisdom tooths and 1 broken tooth yanked out all in one operation -scream- Dx

it costs RM70 to pluck 1 tooth out, i seriously think i should tie a string and pluck it out on my own :3

well diary, i feel really sleepy, i have so much to dooo but i wanna sleep.
i'll just write it down so i dont forget

  • urgrade proposal
  • discuss with dad about taking the Mass Comm course at Taylor's
  • update music in phone
  • practice piano and guitar daily
  • keep on writing lyrics
  • practice hiphop at gym and latin dance in house daily
  • work more on my triceps, chest and trapezius at gym
  • take replacement class for piano next week
  • pay for hiphop & latin dance class RM300 for all brothers
  • sayfol reunion, pfft
  • think of what to bring to Euro trip
  • plan much better life goals
hmm, i didnt think i had so much to get done

imma get to bed diary

~Sam <3

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