RM 16 million a month

Dear Diary,
Thursday 4th of December 2008, 11pm-ish

Pic of my when I got out of national service *shivers* i hate being bald

And so I was rushing to finish my proposal today, balancing it with office work, yummy. =/
went undercover phoned all of kuala lumpur's most famous shopping complex's leasing department

then i was asking about the rental 'may i know the average pricing of your area per square feet?'

mid valley gave me RM35 to RM 50

Pavillion KL gave me RM25 to RM 40

KLCC was fully occupied

Times Square needs a business proposal, skip skip

Sungei Wang and Plaza Lowyat are both RM 12.. yummy

so if i rent a 3,000 sq ft area at mid valley, they'll earn RM40,000 per month holy shyttt
and they have 400 occupied lots. in short? RM16,000,000 a month. bam

cant go clubbing today, pfft LAME D:

but i have an important meeting tommorow.. i hope it'll work out

still thinking of studies. grr
, frustrating

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