Oh good lord how could I forget

Dear Diary,
Wednesday, 14th of January 2009, 11.30pm-ish

Oh what the fuck man, what the effing farkk

I remember who I am now, it all came back to me, strangely as if I had never been depressed just as said earlier O_o to hell with you depression, you're wasting my time and my life, everyone's going to die after 70 years and youre trying to tie me down? *smashes my car on your neck* haha

I am that korean-looking chinese lookalike who can take on Rain and Se7en with my looks and am going to gym 3 times a week just to conquer this nuisance tummy that refuses to magically turn into abs the next morning

I am who I am, I remember who I am, don't tell me who I was before and what I'm supposed to be now. I'm Sam, the one who's going to take on The World's Sexiest Man on Earth (by the age of 30 I suppose) if not, then atleast a freaking well known sexy asian man ;D

then go skydiving and bungee jumping at the super ripe age of 70, HELL YEAHHH >:3 XDDDDD

I remember, everything.
I will be, a great man.
no more moping about bullshit,
I HAVE to get into mass comm course in Taylor's college and study my fcking ass off in Literature and History, pickpickpickpick, ah stupid waste of time i'm taking both D:<


adrenaline baby.


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