Mary and I went shopping yesterday

Dear Diary,
Sunday 4th of January 2008, 1.40pm-ish

Yay, me and the first girl I've ever dated (my ex) met up yesterday for the first time and went shopping around KL, it's her first time in Malaysia!

Me and Mary meeting for the first time, she and her mum quit touring
with the tour group coz they brought them to crappy places

Shopping at Times Square~

Just came out of Sungei Wang, I fetched her and her mum back to the hotel
and went home to bed

There were lots of smiles exchanged, most of the time she went 'waaaaa' and kept petting cute things x3


so about my euro tripppp, I'm stuffing all 1500 photos into the blog and arranging them later

edit* turns out the blog only has 1GB space for photos :/ when i have 3GB of photos zzzz
now i have to resize all of them, stupid thing...

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