My doomed future brilliantly played out in a movie.

Dear Diary,
Thursday the 29th of January 2009, 9.19 pm

Watching this movie, I realised I was about to fly and spread my wings, it was beautiful, it was where careers started, I was working at a j-rock wannabe clothes store then and was quickly gaining attention. Eventually a huge fight broke out between me and my dad, it was ugly.

My wings had been cut-off, my hopes and dreams were dashed.

But thinking about it now, where would an aging asian dude wearing makeup go when he turns adult, goddamn I would've been in deep shit if I left the family that day.

I had to look for another inspiration in life, look for a new meaning to live. I could see myself as an entertainer and businessman in the future, but in the end,

It's hard to grow new wings, especially this time stronger.

Revolutionary Road.

This movie was adapted from the novel, it's a mid 1950's about the disintegration of a relationship, two people who are meant to be apart.

The Wheeler family, who are 'special' in their own way having very alluring personalities. Husband (Leonardo DiCaprio as the actor, you know, the guy from the Titanic) working a shitty dull salesman job his dad had worked for 20 years at, the wife (Kate Winslet, you know the girl in Titanic) going through a failed career as an amateur actress.

They move to a neighborhood called Revolutionary Road struggling to raise their two children. Both of them have a heated argument, next day the husband has an affair with a lady he barely knows.
His wife talks to him about going to Paris, living a different life and escaping from the 'rules' which they are sadly following. There she plans to work as a secretary for NATO and give her husband time to discover himself. He is persuaded but his colleagues at work make fun of it.

Skipping the rest of the movie, eventually the wife dies and her husband moves to the city to work with sales specialists and the movie ends there.

The sense of destiny and want moving to Paris, it's so similar to mine.
What's weird is how it scarily portrays my thought of marrying at an early age, lots of people give up their dreams after having children, because it's risky.


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