I will work harder.

Dear Diary,
Saturday the 17th of January 2009, 10.20pm-ish

I've been watching a few videos on youtube of X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, American Idol and yadayada.

The general idea in my head, was that these competitions just profit-making commercially-runned show to reach out to the thousands of MTV wannabes.

I was wrong. People benefit from opportunities like this, the show could mainly be made to pluck out those talented, singers and dancers who sadly don't have a chance to pursue their singing career due to their lifestyle.

Great example is Leona Lewis was just a receptionist, what the hell, if her plumber boyfriend didn't suggest to her to go for The X Factor she wouldn't be standing next to Ne-Yo or the current top artists and actually turn into a small store owner...

George Sampson failed to qualify for Britain's Got Talent 2007 season, but he felt the loss was too big to bear and came back again at 2008, determined to win and he did it, this little dude's hardship in life is one of many in Britain.

I myself, was a lazy relaxed carefree person until started working with my dad, earning money is so crappy hard and it feels so damn miserable, but I started taking dance, guitar, piano, singing and gym at the age of 18, I wonder how I'll do in the future. Hah forget about wondering, I'm going to push myself, just like before...

Life is hard, I have to be prepared, at worst conquer it, at best beat the shit out of it and succeed.
Take chances, they'll get you what you want. Otherwise fail and try again.


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