I need glasses

Dear Diary,
Friday 9th of January 2009, 11.40pm-ish

The reason for my past failures
The reason for my bad school grades
the reason why I dont look comPLETELY korean

might be because of my EYESIGHT!!
I went to the optical store today and got my eyes checked, everything looked so clear when i wore the glasses.

Thing is, I'm buying either EmperioArmani or Gucci glasses ;] it's like RM830
and mom says she'll kill me if i do, and i dont care xD

but i will take her advise and visit other optical stores first before going back to that one

i effing hate work, it's so stupid, it's an officeboy's job and i have to do crappy paperwork thats dealing with numbers

i HATE numbers, i jumped 3215 times on the DDR which is completely irrelevant to what was just said!

should i take her or not :3 i think maybeeeeeee.. erm..........


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