An opportunity to strike.

oh pitiful hair of mine, how i wish i could turn back the time

Dear Diary,
Tuesday the 6th of January 2009, 11.30-ish

it's been a while since i went to gym :3
due to the recent trip to europe, my dry skin from the cold-dry climate of europe is healing well~

i'm planning to head over to the british council tomorrow to apply for the history test and get my 3rd credit; which is my last credit, so that i can get into Taylor's~ !

guitar practice went well today, i can play Eric Clapton's 'Tears in Heaven' well, now i need to practice the 2nd part so i can master it lol, not much piano practice today, hmm actually right after i finish blogging i'm gonna go play it abit.

I downloaded Dean Martin's 'Sway', it's the perfect song for me to practice my samba dancing, now i'll have to practice my cha-cha, rumba and jive D: gahh and my hiphop too, latin dance is harder though

this girl i met today was flirting with me all night, there might be something going on O= !


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