I'm gonna smash somethinggg

Dear Diary,
Monday, 12th of January 2008

I've been saved. Comforted, enlightened, inspired, I've come back.
It's not a good thing to overthink and overanalyse too much, you've got only one life anyways,

I got serious with life and it punched me in the face, now I'm comin' back with a baseball bat and ready to crush some bones :3 muah thanks friends

back to the drawing board, top 5 choices-

  • Singer
  • Dancer, hybrid with singing ofcourse
  • Entertainer
  • Deejay
  • Manager

grr I was about to start thinking again, be spontaneous!
I'll be all 3 at once. there we go ;D mass communication studies here I come
I have to be World-Class in order to compete.


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