Taking o' level Sayfol test again.. WTF?!

Dear Diary,
Thursday 15th of January 2009, 10.40pm-ish

It's reallyyy funny, I remember that day as clear as a crystal, sitting in the Principal's office, us three alone, me, Ms. Tapscott and Ms. Kamalnadin or something (Ms. K)

'Can you explain your current performance in your studies, Jeffrey Chee?'

'Umm.. I enrolled in school.. for General Knowledge!'

'General Knowledge? -listening curiously and carefully-'

'Yes, it's for my living skills, I only needed english. I want to drop alot of my subjects so I can perform better.'

And so I dropped 5 MAJOR subjects, Maths, Chinese, History, Geography, Accountings haha

I used to believe I only needed to work and studying would be a waste of time, I worked with my dad and it really sucked, hard. :/

now I can't believe I'm going back into History and Literature, I haven't picked up literature for 5 years, but since it's O' levels I can do this surely.
Hopefully I'll get into Taylor's this July 2009


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