I've improved 400%

Dear Diary,
Monday the 19th of January 2009, 11.30pm-ish

Yesterday I didn't have time to blog due to my deep slumber.

Did I mention I've signed up for vocal classes again? My new teacher's around my age, he's a classical singer, meaning Pavoratti power house opera singing. He has this all-knowing knowledgeable mystery surrounding him, I knew I picked the right person. After listening to my voice, he said I had something special, and that he'd push me to the max to open up my vocal chords and develop a very powerful voice, I knew I could sing, somehow. As for piano class it's kind of static, more like drifting away, I have to push myself harder on it.

In both hiphop and latin dance, I've adapted and become really good at both. Our great instructor gives me a very studious look each time I dance. She was measuring my feet for some Latin dance-shoes I placed an order on, I asked her 'Have I improved?' and a very eye-opening reply came back to me, 'You've improved extremely, but I can tell you're still not practicing at home.', she replied. She must be psychic or something.. but I admit I didn't even 'try' at all. I knew I was a natural, somehow. Now I have to prepare for Ms. Malaysia and Ms. World 2009.

Argh as for today
I've slipped on a pile of poop from either a monkey or a dog, while I went jogging and dodged a car, Jeong said she put it there though...

anyways, I read on a very interesting column from the Men's Health magazine Sept 2008 edition that I bought for $5 bucks long ago and spontaneously decided to follow it after much discomfort watching other teenagers my age with better bodies.

After mindlessly working out and seeing only 60% progress made with my body within a very long period of 4 years, I've decided to abandon my old routine and fully pursue what could be the ultimate workout regime.

The 'SRM' stands for Single repetition at Maximum. It's basically the heaviest weight you can possibly lift, you know the heavy one that usually makes you grunt, in one go.

In order to achieve MAXIMUM muscle growth, you have to do 3 sets of 12 repetitions using 80% SRM.

And I did all that EACH on 11 freaking different muscles; the Middle pectorals, upper pec, lower pec, abdominals, lower abs, frontal shoulder, middle shoulder, back shoulder, trapezius, bicep and tricep. Gym from 7pm to 10.30pm wasn't exactly how I planned it, but I loved every second of it.

Oh god as soon as I managed to finish ultimate SRM workout I couldn't stop sweating like a pig and my whole body was moving like jelly. Amazingly my body actually hurts today, that means it's going to be hell tomorrow, and it the end pain always means gain, so I'm going to gain probably about 1.6% bodymass of lean muscle. woohoo

I'm going to sms this to Kristian lol.
'Perhaps the very existence of your membership to the gym revolves around my very meaningful reply in order for you to achieve your desired main body frame. Very well, I've written it all out on my blog at smexy-sam.blogspot.com, enjoy.'

and I'll bet he's laughing after reading my blog for the first time.

geez it's late, I'm going to bed.

Sincerely Yours,

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