I'll be wearing glasses.

Dear Diary,
Friday the 16th of January 2009, 10.20pm-ish

I've always thought to myself how people wearing glasses in my country Malaysia were so unfortunate and so sadly, unlucky. That's because I've never met anyone who actually looked good wearing them. ;]

And now my divine narcissistic almighty narcissist presence that is one with universal flow which has created the most unique asian whose name would obviously eventually be written in the books of history, is going to wear a pair.

I've pissed off the store operators (Optical 88) by making them take out 70 different Gucci, Dior, Solvil Titus, Rayban, Okley, Emperio Armani and other famous branded glasses.

Funnily I was about to pick Emperio Armani costing $835, then the 2nd day I glanced and saw a really hawt looking pair of New Arrival, Solvil Titus glasses costing $700 and it looked so good.

well out of 300 pairs of glasses, only 1 survived my vicious test of beautiful perfection. only one.

I'm pretty excited, maybe I'll look like Bae Yong Jun cuz of my fat lips, haha


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